Love Over Dose

So after a long inactive period after my first post on my blog I decided to finally make the blog active. So long iv just been scared to write, lazy to start and doubtful about how this may end up but finally after much hesitation I decided to just stop excuses and just start! 

Well, so just today while browsing through some window displays I came across windows for a new, subversive, unexpected women’s perfume by Diesel named ‘Loverdose’.

Seeing these windows was love at first sight. On finding out I got to know that these windows were designed and produced by the Creative duo StudioXAG and displayed in Galeries Lafayette’s Boulevard Haussmann to celebrate the launch of this new fragrance by Diesel. Here are some clicks:

The display comprises of faceted hearts and letter sculptures that spell out the fragrance’s name. The materials they are made from, are inspired by the purple glass Loverdose bottle as well as the Diesel collection.

The sculptures are made from translucent purple acrylic, shards of broken mirror and fragments of glass which are then galvanised, rusted and torched to add Diesel’s signature stamp

The focus and inspiration of these displays is the larger than life, iconic perfume bottle; Cut like a diamond. A heart of precious glass with ever-shifting pink-amethyst highlights. A detail like a secret: the black dagger piercing it.

The beautiful amalgamation of the very contrasting raw, aged, industrial materials and finishes with the romanticism of the diamond-heart like shape and feminine pink-amethyst colors have succeeded in creating an extremely interesting flavor in the displays.

There’s a rumor going around that, due to the presence of secret Molecule A, the perfume’s alchemy causes an addiction to absolute love, extreme passion and an irrational, uncontrollable enflaming of the senses. Can’t vouch for the fragrance but the displays sure had that effect on me.

2 Responses to “Love Over Dose”
  1. Loving it:) God bless you with hundreds of followers & more clicks then you can count…I am following now:))

  2. Nice find! I love the whole vial-like feel to l’overdose. Makes it work instantly (product and name). And also like the dark feeling of the windows with the neon, adds kink. Keep inspired and keep inspiring!

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