Florence + The Machine + Fashion

So many times it so happens that there’s been an idea in your mind that you’ve been wanting to put down on paper but you keep delaying it until one day when you see someone else apply it to reality. Why this came up is because I had been admiring the beauty and gracefulness of the lead vocalist of Florence + The Machine, Florence Welch since long and boom WGSN features her in the celebrity style section.

Well I remember when I first watched her video Cosmic love, I was transported to another world. A world that was both mesmerizing and haunting. I found Florence’s music and imagery extremely intriguing and  romantic. I love her intense vocals and strong almost overpowering music. In simple words I like the stories she tells, the way she tells them and I absolutely adore her clothes, accessories and her flame red hair!

The lady transports me to my art appreciation classes in college and all the Renaissance/gothic art. Somehow her costumes, music videos and themes seem very dark and deep, like love, pain and time. Her music moves me and her themes and costumes inspire me. Here are some shots of her beautiful elaborate yet simple costumes.

Iridescent, graceful and romantic are the words that could describe her costumes. Her looks are vintage and characterized by flowy fabrics and she either wears a lot of neutrals or colors that compliment the color of her hair(my own observation). I also love her accessories and trinkets, wish I could flick them! Here are two of my favorite videos of her, watch them and treat your eyes with all the beautiful sets and costumes.


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