Head-to-toe & Ready-to-wear !

With the winter season in full swing, I realized it was time to create some interesting layered looks at the Levi’s stores. This is also an opportunity to mix product categories and create complete head-to-toe looks and promote our accessories like bags, belt, caps and shoes. This pulls in customers to buy more products together as a set.

Typically every season we do dress up all our mannequins in layered wintry looks but completely ignore our wall bays and the front facing garments hanging on the hangers.

Therefore I decided to go to my mock store and have some fun mixing and creating looks onto the wall bays and Voila! Here are some clicks of some ensembles I created for the men’s section:

Following are the ones I created for the women’s section:

Well all these were mailed to all my stores so that they could replicate similar looks at their respective stores as well. Phew! Now I can enjoy my Christmas peacefully hoping that these looks would take care of the year-end sales! Until next time.. xoxo! 🙂

2 Responses to “Head-to-toe & Ready-to-wear !”
  1. wishfuldreamingPrithvi says:

    very nice Krati~ good job 🙂

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