Birthday Wishlist :)

So well New Year’s is almost here and so is my Birthday! 🙂 Yeah im not one of those people who like to keep their birthday a secret. I believe I was born on a special day and the whole world celebrates the day every year so why hide! No marks for guessing my birthday is..on the 1st of Jan. This year I have a huge wishlist, more so because I decided not to spend any money on the things I usually buy myself on my Birthday, rather to invest it, doing something good for someone other than me. What it is exactly that im going to spend on, I have a few ideas but will share only once they materialize.

Having said all that, truth is, I still am a materialistic being like everyone else and I do wish for many things that money could buy, and yes I do have a birthday wishlist! P.S. This is just a “wish” list! I just wanted to put all these things together to map exactly what it is that i wish for! So here it comes…

1. Top of the list has to be a long Trip to Rajasthan. The one which I have been planning since forever now!

2. A Chunky Cocktail Ring. The one here is by Banana Republic. But really I don’t mind if I can find another one as pretty as this on the roadside. I’ll buy it!

3. This Little Black Dress by Vero Moda. I like it because I could wear it to work or to a party and it would work wonderfully both ways. It also has enhanced shoulders which I love. Its simple and smart. 

4. The Geometry Class Dress by my favouritest lil vintage boutique far far away from here in (Springfield, Illinois) called Red Velvet. The owner of the store is also my favourite blogger and her blog ‘A Beautiful Mess’ inspires me everyday! I have loved this dress since the summer of 2011!

5. A couple of shoes in neutral shades to go with everything that’s any color! 🙂

6. Any one of the bags from the ‘Tutti Frutti’ collection by Pure Ghee Designs. Another one of my favourite design studios that makes beautiful bags.

7. One of these beautiful black and white, ethnic yet contemporary clutches from Ek Karkhana a craft workshop run by three passionate designers who’s aesthetic i just Adore!


8. These floral lights from The Purple Turtles, a beautiful lighting store in Indiranagar that I recently discovered at Sunday Soul Sante.

9. A hand painted poster by Joojoo, painted by the inspiring artist called Afsaneh Tajvidi. 

10. And last but not the least, a pretty bunch of flowers. Aah! my most desired wish.. Costs the least, means the most and makes my day!

So guess that’s all the wishing for this Birthday! So now that I have confessed about my wishlist, I don’t feel guilty anymore of wishing for all these “things”! I’m only human hehehe..more for later. Have a wonderful New Year’s! See you in 2012 with hopefully a lot more to share!!!  Love for now..

2 Responses to “Birthday Wishlist :)”
  1. Prithvi says:

    Love love love the flowers! And the chunky BR ring 🙂 yummy stuff! Happy advance bday honey! mwahhhh!

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