4 ~ ka ~ 8

Well though it may sound like a title inspired by the famous Anil Kapoor song 1 2 ka 4, it really has got nothing to do with it. 🙂 What its got to do with however is creating many different looks out of what you have in your closet.

I came up with this idea a while back of putting together a few pieces of clothing and creating multiple looks with them. The idea emerged from the limitations that are faced by visual merchandisers at the stores every day, where at a given time there are only a few categories of products available and the need to create unique looks out of them for display. So I gave them a way to cheat – ( well its fair if u buy it! ) – A few tips that they can use to create different looks out of a few basic pieces that they would definitely have at their stores at any given time.

So here are 4 basic pieces I pulled out and applied some ‘mixology’ to them:

And voila ! I get 8 different looks :

I tried the same for menswear too and here are a few experiments:

Well so hence proved ~ you don’t need too many different options to create entirely different looks, it’s just about having a little fun with whatever you have ! Hope you liked the thought..till next time – keep experimenting! 🙂

2 Responses to “4 ~ ka ~ 8”
  1. kallolmohanty says:

    super nice

  2. kartika says:

    too good :)…i am on my way to the closet!!!

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