I feel like DaNcInG today!

I don’t know what’s it about today that makes me wanna dance! I woke up early today morning (which for me is a rare thing) and reached office an hour early. And since the start of the day I’ve been googling and listening to all the dance no.s I can think of and am totally distracted at work! But who cares everyone has these days that you wanna do something that you really like to do and I guess that happy feeling keeps us going! I enjoy such distractions once in a while. They reassure me of the fact that I’m till human 🙂

So I was browsing YouTube and I suddenly thought of sharing 5 of my all time favourite dance no.s that have inspired me and made me wanna dance anytime anywhere! Most of these songs are about expression of self of love and freedom. Of breaking free from the mundane, of speaking ones own mind, of taking on life’s challenges with a kick ass spirit and of expressing one’s identity through dance. So here they are:

1. Paula Abdul – Straight up!

2. Michael Jackson – The way you make me feel

3. Jenifer Lopez – I’m glad

4. Madonna – Jump

5. Britney spears – baby one more time

Hope that you enjoyed being reminded of these tracks that have made us all wanna shake a leg & who knows maybe someone out there is already smiling at this reminder and grooving to these right now! Just the thought makes me happy 🙂

Love. Krati

2 Responses to “I feel like DaNcInG today!”
  1. Prithvi says:

    oooooooh! totally… take me dancing Krati! 😀

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