Fresh Produce!

Well every year January starts with Sale everywhere. All the stores, every brand.  We all get excited and buy stuff sometimes but then it goes on and on and you get smses and mails and discounts keep changing and prices keep lowering and this continues till you start getting so totally annoyed with it all and you just want it to end and see something fresh on the other side of it.

Every January I really do wait to see the “New Arrivals” sign on store windows and walk in and see something  fresh to fill my spring wardrobe. Well in 2010 a month after I joined Levi Strauss as a visual merchandiser, I was given the lovely task of designing a “New Arrivals” window. The brief was simple and my perspective of the brand, fresh. There was no particular story to be called out for this window it was just meant to call out the arrival of the new stuff in-store to be straight-forward.

So, well I came up with an idea for the window and I decided not to use any mannequins for a change. I just took my understanding of the classic Levi’s image and turned it to a window. Every once in a while we all happen to realize after a long time of brainstorming and a lengthy thought process, that our first idea that was the most spontaneous, was the best. This was one such instance where I followed my gut feeling and went ahead with my first idea for the window and today when I look back I realize that it has been one of my personal favorites here at Levi’s. So with no more to say here are a few shots of the mock window which I lovingly call ‘Fresh Produce’:

Well I hope to keep sharing work every now and then. There’s loads coming up..Like they say – ‘Too much to say and too little time!’

Nevertheless my commitment to my blog is alive! See you on the other side of this weekend! Ta ta ! 🙂

2 Responses to “Fresh Produce!”
  1. grainspirit says:

    I absolutely love it. And I think it’s fresh and charming. Keep it alive and kicking!

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