Wild-Wild West!

Well Western shirts were made trendy by Levi’s and have been a part of both the men’s as well as women’s collections every season and that’s a category we are promoting in womenswear this entire year. So I cooked up some ideas to display these products in our stores and also demonstrate to the customer how these products could be worn and styled to create some interesting looks.

I thought before I go any further on this subject, id share with you a bit of background on Western shirts. So Western shirts originated in the 19th century and were worn by the pioneers from the American west and made a popular by the American cowboys.

A Western shirt is characterized by a stylized yoke in front and in back. It is generally constructed with long sleeves, and in modern form is sometimes seen with snap pockets, patches made from bandana fabric, and fringe. So here are four unique looks that you could experiment with just by applying a bit of ‘mixology’ and having some fun!

1. The ‘American cowgirl’ look. Western shirt worn with buttoned up collar and cuff paired with Bootcut denim, a chunky Levi’s belt and a pair of basic brown leather boots/kitten heels. 

Love that belt! 

2. The ‘Weekend getaway’ look. A check shirt layered over a black racer back worn with denim shorts to give a relaxed weekend wear look. A sling bag, a tiny coin pendant and a hat added on complete the look. 

The pendant below is mine, picked it from the guy’s section at Splash.  

3. The ‘Biker chick’ look. Oversized denim chambray shirt knotted up over a basic striped round neck tee. A sling bag and black half boots to complete the look. A striking red bandana to add an extra punch of the biker attitude.

That denim shirt is a size ‘L’ although size ‘S’ fits the mannequin, I intentionally picked ‘L’ for the oversized boyfriend shirt kind of a look. I love that bandana too 🙂

4. The ‘Sunday-brunch-with-the-girls’ look. A denim shirt worn tucked in and buttoned up paired with a short sexy denim skirt. Tan colored boots and belt to go with the outfit and an over-sized striking red bag and a red bandana to add the extra ‘chic’ to the look.

This one here is my favourite. Its the kind that I’d love to wear, just need a bit of that tummy tuck ! 😛

Hope you liked these suggestions and would hopefully try some out sometime. I am just happy I get to do this on-the-job and have some fun every now and then. Hoping to keep doing more and sharing more soon! xo for now! 🙂


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