Bigger than my body

Oh better late than never! I return to where I belong. I not only mean Bangalore I mean my blog. I really have missed being here so much so that I’ve been writing down small notes here n there of the things that I have been wanting to share.

It’s funny this blogging business, sometimes I feel like I’m just sending out messages into this space where I wonder if anyone’s listening, but on the other hand the hope that someone is reading keeps me going on to want to share more and more. It’s quite an addiction.

Well the last couple of months have been really hectic. There’s been travel, yes mostly for work, there’s been family visiting and other personal stuff going on, and in between all this I’ve been trying to squeeze In a whole lot of work as well. I even met with an accident in between, luckily escaped serious injuries. My wisdom tooth aches and I have not even been able to go see the dentist! Funny I’m even sharing these details here but guess that’s all a part of this commitment that I have to this blog.

Hmmm.. so since I got back from my last trip day before yesterday I had been feeling terribly homesick and been quite silent and pensive sorts. And whenever I get into this phase I put my earphones on and listen to music that talks to me. There’s this man that I love listening to. And if there was an alternate universe where we would meet I would ask him to marry me.. hehe..who says one can’t have a crush at 28! And for that matter I had a good feeling about him since his first song released on Indian tv. But over time I’ve just liked his music more and more. He is John Mayer.

Oh what more can I say about this man, his credentials include Musician, songwriter, record producer, columnist, graphic designer, photographer, comedian & television host and I need not mention that he has been nominated eighteen times for the Grammy’s and won seven times.

I love almost all his songs. But today I’m picking only a few favorite ones. Through his music he has often touched upon serious subjects that connect to me. He writes beautifully and his lyrics are often inspiring and sometimes even eye-opening. My favorites include ‘Daughters’, ‘Clarity’, ‘Waiting on the world to change’, ‘Say’ & ‘Heartbreak warfare’. I also love ‘Bigger than my body’.

His new album Born and Raised was set for release in Oct 2011 but it has been delayed due to granulomas discovered in his throat. Due to his serious throat condition he has been forced to refrain from all singing indefinitely and his album delayed as well till sometime this may. I guess sometimes in life you need to give yourself time out from everything and I hope and pray that he gets well soon enough to get back to singing and I’m sure he will! Here’s loads of love going out to him and everyone who’s lives have been touched by his music. This has been an awfully long post but I think it deserved its due..closing for now to be back with more..xo 🙂

2 Responses to “Bigger than my body”
  1. grainspirit says:

    Great to read you again 🙂 Fix that wisdom tooth soon!

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