They say great artists/thinkers/writers of all times have been their creative best under extreme emotions or circumstances. Well I ain’t no artist/thinker or writer but iv just been having a mental block to just start writing something on my blog. And it’s not like I don’t have things to share but it’s just been really busy and crazy the past few months and iv not been myself. But finally it took a bit of pressure to put this post up and im glad I am!

It’s funny but so many times when i feel caught up in my day-to-day work and activities there are times in between that I completely zone out and my mind starts playing out a movie scene, mostly something relevant to my state of mind at that point in time. Past few weeks I have had so many such scenes I have wanted to share but haven’t but finally I am and here it is: It’s from one of my recent favourite movies called “It’s kind of funny story” To all my friends I have recommended this movie to and who have not watched it yet – Shame on you! and to the rest – Please do watch it. Its funny & serious both! So it’s about this 16-year-old kid who is super intelligent but stressed/depressed & suicidal due to “pressure” and so he admits himself into a psychiatric hospital to stay away from harming himself. Here he stays for a week and how his day-to-day activities change his life. Well my description just isn’t as interesting as the movie itself so just watch it. But here is a small teaser and my favourite scene from the movie! It’s a song by Queen & David Bowie from 1982 🙂 & a super interesting video from the movie so enjoy! :

& for all Queen/David bowie loving friends here is also the official video for the song:

Hoping to be back! and share many more of my favourite clips from movies and more..till then stay away from PRESSURE! 🙂


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