Valentine’s surprise!

Well I know its been forever that I posted, but for all of you who thought “Well her blogging was just like a phase that’s over” here’s me saying Hey! I am back and hopefully to be more regular this time! 🙂

Well so whats up? Duh! Valentine’s Day is what is up and everywhere I see, be it brands, or restaurants or holiday destinations, everyone one is going over the top shouting and calling you in to celebrate the day with them.Well personally neither me nor my husband are big fans of going out and spilling a fortune over on a day where parking lots would be full, places would be packed with people and food would cost a bomb! That is not exactly our cup of tea. But I must admit I did think of a small surprise for my husband this time.

Since the time I had seen this: on pinterest I was in love with it and thought one day I will make this for the one I love, and so what better day than today! I had a vintage pack of cards gifted to me by a close friend, so I thought it would be nice if I use this one and make it even more special, like a collectible that we would keep forever..


But i have to say I did not copy the idea unimaginatively, I changed it to 14 things I love about you (Feb 14th!). I thought 14 things that I love about you sounds cooler than 52 things just because a pack of cards has 52 cards. So I chose only the heart suit that comprised of 13 cards and I added an extra Joker card to complete the 14.

So the rest was pretty simple – I bunched up these cards and punched 2 holes in them. I used an old spiral from an old notebook, removed it and cut 2 pieces out. I used those pieces to put together the suit of cards.





And then the fun part – I wrote down the 14 things I love the most about Ranjan on small pieces of paper and stuck them onto each of these cards. I also gave it a cover page.



To give it a final touch I wrapped it in a pink paper that was cut in the shape of a heart and tied it with a pink thread & voila! My Valentine’s Day surprise was ready in not more than 30 minutes. 🙂


I always feel simple, personal and intuitive gifts are the most meaningful ones & they don’t cost a thing!Hope you liked the idea..till the next post – Have a great Valentine’s Day!! ❤

One Response to “Valentine’s surprise!”
  1. Devz says:

    Aww… that’s amazing..!! reminds me of the time when I rolled in post-it notes in the toilet paper..haha..wierd but he still kept that roll 😉

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