#100happydays #Week1

Well I started the #100happydays challenge last weekend and I have been documenting it via instagram. I decided to try and share my progress here at least weekly if not everyday. I have to say, this challenge is sure making me more sensitive to what it is that I really like doing and the things that make me happy and once you start it off it kind of is like a rolling ball effect. Is there a term like that? Well what I mean is that the more you make an effort to be happy the more happiness comes to you. But it’s not easy in the beginning where I am. I have to remind myself about this challenge and there are days when it’s hard to keep up but a challenge is a challenge. You keep at it, you miss some, you get back and try again. You keep up to your commitment. So here are a few snapshots from last week of things or times that made me happy: (p.s. Please don’t judge me on my photo editing skills, I am working on getting better at taking and editing photos. Most photos here have been instagrammed because of the filter options I get there)


I received some photo albums I had ordered to archive tonnes of old photos I have from my childhood and of the family. I am so excited to start filling these up and creating scrapbooks!


I was going out and decided to wear a really bright tie dye skirt from college days & a hippy money pouch to go with it! Color makes me happier than I thought.


Meeting this girl made me happy. We met and discussed ideas for a new project together. This is a big secret till it works out. But it makes me happy to dream.

4This cafe I visited called Mr. Beans is a quaint place and very cozy. I already liked it for the name even before I had been there but makes me happy to have been there.


These are my very old shoes that I used to never wear but then I added neon laces to them and now they are my favourite go-to for an evening walk. 🙂

8 9

Starting a new DIY project has always been fun. I made these bowls with m-seal to store some of my jewelry that keeps sitting around here and there in the house. Details of DIY coming soon too.


Wearing a bright lip color makes me happy. 🙂


Spending time with this girl always makes me happy. I love these pictures we took the other day at a play we had gone to. They were very spontaneous and I don’t know what we were doing but they turned out to have a nice photobooth type feel. Should click more such candid ones.


Watching plays at Rangashankara makes me happy. The theatre is small and you get to sit real close to the stage. It has a much more personal feel than any other theatre in Bangalore.

13The other day I met these young puppies on the road. They were in a dirty surrounding and maybe hungry. We got them biscuits. They were so cute! Made me want to get more puppies in the house but for now 2 are quite a handful!

14My dog Laila’s princess-like style makes me happy. The way she sits on the sofas like they were bought just for her and that look on her face as if she is the most love-deprived dog on earth. God she has her ways..

These are not bad for a start. I intend to get better at documenting my happy moments but here’s a wrap for now. Happy Ugadi! to those who celebrate it, or Monday off! for those who are celebrating just that..Till next time xo.. Krati.


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