DIY M-seal Jewelry Bowls

Hey there! These days I am trying my hands on a few DIYs that are easy and utilitarian for my home. One of these things was these jewelry bowls I made the other day with m-seal & paint. Yes M-seal, I’m sure some of you are going ‘that’s what I use to fix my leaking tap’ Well yes it’s meant for leaking taps/pipes but as a child I was told by my aunt how this medium could be used like clay to make things and best part is it dries up quicker than clay! So I have made some things with this material and I must say it’s a quick fix medium for lazy DIYers. And the natural texture when it dries up is pretty cool too. I decided to make some jewelry bowls because I have tiny earrings and clips and pendants lying around here and there way to often and I needed something to organize them.

So here’s what you need to make these jewelry bowls:

– 3 packs of M-seal for 1 bowl.

– Some paint whatever you like, I have used some metallic bronze, gold & white. You can use Fevicryl paints, they work pretty well on M-seal.

– A bowl that would be used as a mould for the ones you are making

– Some Vaseline (I’ll tell you why soon)

– Olive oil (the life saver)


First things first, rub lots of olive oil on your palms before you start handling m-seal. Remember its an easy medium but it’s used to seal steel pipes and if left to dry on your skin it can just stick to it, much like quick fix. So don’t be scared olive oil will be just enough to keep your hands m-seal resistant.

Now cover your mould bowl with lots of Vaseline. If you don’t put Vaseline you’ll find it difficult to remove the m-seal cast when it’s dry.

WP_20140327_003M-seal pack comes with 2 kinds of putty. One is black and the other is a muddy green. Mix both the putties together thoroughly and quickly cover the outside/inside of the bowl that you are using as mould. Make sure to spread it evenly so that thickness remains consistent throughout.

WP_20140327_004 WP_20140327_005

Let it dry for a while (5-10 mins) such that its got the shape but is still slightly soft. At this point take a knife and separate the m-seal cast from the mould much like how you separate an omelette from the pan before you flip it over. This is done just to ensure that the cast is not getting stuck to the mould bowl. The m-seal cast would take about 20-25 minutes to be almost dry. At this time remove it out of the mould bowl. You might have to give it a jerk if it’s not completely dry. Although the pack of m-seal says it takes 30 mins to dry but this will need 1 hour to be absolutely unmistakably dry. Give it that time, better in the sun.

Once its all dry, you can start painting it. I like to make a rough sketch of what I want to paint on it.


You can now start painting over it.


I painted both inside and outside.


& voila!


This is how I am using these bowls. You can find a prettier way of using them if you may like. But being the messy girl I am when it comes to my accessories, now I have a place to dump my day-to-day accessories without fearing to lose/misplace one of the earrings.


All photos have been taken by me with my Nokia Lumia. Yes I will get less lazy and more organized and eventually start clicking using a proper camera. But for now this works without seeming like work! So if you liked this one try it out. More for later.

xo Krati.




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