Gift a movie!

If you love watching movies and if you have parents who share the same hobby as well then you are going to like what I am about to suggest.  So every time I go home I put together all the movies that I have collected of late and thanks to my husband ALL of them are top quality! And since parents and elderly in anyone’s family are not so tech savvy they love having these movies that they would otherwise not have access to or get the time to go and watch at the theatre. So I know everyone loves me for this that I always have a stock of movies to share whenever I go home or whenever someone comes over.

The only thing about sharing these movies with parents is that before they get to watch them, they are not able Google or Imdb the story-line and get a feel of it so as to make up their mind whether they are in a mood to watch that kind of movie at a given time or not. So I came up with this simple idea of making these Story-cards which can be used as inserts along with the movie cd/dvds that you share.

1 2 3

This way now they can read the story, see if that interests them or the star-cast and then decide what they want to watch! 🙂 I know my mom will thank me for this.


All I can say is if you have parents too who like watching movies and you are planning a sweet gift for them try this out and see how much they would love it and be reminded of you every time they pick out a movie to watch in their spare time! Love, Krati

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