DIY Mother’s day POP card

Hey all! Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I know many people say how celebrating a Mother’s day or a Father’s day or a Valentine’s day is so pointless and how you don’t need a day to express your love to the ones you love the most but to those cynics I say ~ If you need an independence day to celebrate your independence or a Labour day to show respect to the working class why not have these as well. All you need is a reason to show your love and respect, to stop a moment in your busy lives and express ourselves to those we truly love.

So by now I have established that I do believe in all the so-called corny traditions of celebrating these occasions and since tomorrow is Mother’s day here’s my share of what I did for my mom. If you are reading this and have still not got time to put something together for your mom, you could use this and have a Mother’s day card ready in no time (or money)!

So here’s my take on a Mother’s day card. I wanted to make something Pop and colorful. So I spent a half an hour in putting this together using the existing colored paper sheets I had with me..

page 5

So here’s how to get this done~

page 1

1. Cut out the word ‘WOW’ out of a colored paper of your choice. Make sure all the three letters are joined together and not separate.

2. Stick this word on another colored paper of your choice and take a paper knife and cut out along the outside of the word as highlighted in red, leaving only the bottom parts of the three letters joined to the sheet.
page 2

3. Now flip the sheet over to the other side and crease along the joined part pulling the word WOW’ down on this side of the sheet as shown above.

4. Now flip the sheet over again.

page 3

5. On this side of the sheet paste a paper in a third color of your choice. I chose to cut it in the shape of a heart. Glue this heart shape onto this side of the sheet and then flip the it over and you would get to see how it looks in 6. where it now reads as ‘WOW – MOM’! 🙂


To add a little drama I outlined both the words WOW & MOM in black just to give it a pop comic book feel. I chose to stuck it onto a white ivory sheet just to give it some support because my colored sheets were pretty thin and flimsy(lesson learnt). But if you manage to find thick colored sheets then you don’t really need a base for support.

9& at last, a sweet message for mom! & voila! My mother’s day POP card was ready in no time..

final collageIt was couriered along with a load of movie cds I wrote for her as I mentioned in my previous post here

She received it already and just gave me a happy call! Do you have a plan for tomorrow? If not think of something quick and simple, doesn’t need to be an expensive gift, mother’s are easy to please, they would love it even if you gave them a call, so do it! Have a Happy Mother’s Day in advance!! xx, Krati



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  1. How stinkin’ cute is this! I love it!

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