Memoirs of Imphal

I just got back this week from a heart-warming trip to Imphal, a place I have come to call home-away-from-home. I was there for my brother-in-law’s wedding and I loved it that this would be my first Manipuri wedding where I would not be the bride. 🙂 I got to see the whole thing but clicking pictures during a wedding is considered disrespectful except for the cameramen. So I did not end up clicking any of the main occasion but there were so many memories that were made and captured along the way using my handy phone camera. I was waiting to share them here and finally here they are..

pic 1Dressing up like a Manipuri ‘nupi’ (girl) is always my favorite part of the visit. Well at least it comes in my top ten favorite things about going to Imphal. Here I was able to sneak in some girly selfies with my sister-in-laws, some of the sweetest ladies I know.

pic 2These pictures I really love in black and white. They have a very vintage look to them. As if its me in the 50s.. 🙂

pic 3The day of ‘Heijingpot’ when all the ladies in the Groom’s family take gifts to the bride’s house kept in beautiful baskets. I was a part of the queue as well!!

Yes I got to do that! 🙂

pic 4

lot 4 (4)My lovely nephews and niece. They are cute as a button! & they are all pro at technology & well yes posing as is very evident here. 🙂

pic 5I was able to find one of my husband’s childhood pictures. This one takes the cake, totally! I love how lost & adorable he looks. Precious!

pic 6These are from the day of the wedding. The whole house is decorated to welcome the bride, especially the beds as you can see. They look so serene and inviting. The pink  one there is the bride’s bed. Isn’t it like too cute?! The Madhubani painting I had gifted my bro-in-law and his wife was proudly hung in their living room and made me very happy..

pic 7Some more dressed up photos from the wedding day. I was lucky to find help in one of my sweet friend who came over and helped me get my hair right. It had to look Manipur appropriate. All women tie their hair for special occasions and use lovely accessories, so I tried something too.. It was fun.

Thank you Sana. Hope you are reading.

pic 8

And in the blink of an eye the trip was over. Here’s probably the only airport where you can literally walk up the the plane for your flight. 😉

pic 9Here are some more things I miss a lot after leaving Imphal. The gorgeous flowers in our backyard, the colorfulness of the dresses, the yummy farewell lunch cooked for me by my chachis, bhabhis and didis. What a rare luxury.

pic 10I carried these home from Imphal as memoirs of my trip. They were actually gifted to me by my mother-in-law who once noticed that I loved buying and keeping these in my room. Love my family so much. Feel blessed! Do you have any such stories to share? I would love to know..

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  1. rosehere says:

    You look so pretty!! 🙂

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