A Mid-summer wardrobe dream

Its mid-way into summer and most places are still warming up and getting hotter, while we here at Bangalore have already started being blessed by the rains! 🙂 By the time you think of buying for your summer wardrobe, you realize its already monsoon! Bangalore is crazy, in a fun way though! no complaints. So talking about a summer wardrobe, every once in a while, while I am working on my computer, my mind tends to wander and I reach out to Pinterest, to look at pretty things and have a visual orgasm of sorts at the click of a mouse. So I admit I have looked up for clothes, shoes and other fancy things on Pinterest now and then and whenever I come across something that I feel I should really possess, but most of the times can’t afford, I make sure to pin it onto a board called “Wants” hehe.. Tell me at least some of you have done the same too sometime or the other.

One such fine afternoon when I was highly distracted I made a list of things I wanted in my summer wardrobe and had either seen, pinned or have never found. Then I looked up for them and put all those pictures together and I should say it looked like the kind of summer wardrobe I would have liked to have this summer. Well I can’t possibly buy everything, but I thought why not feel happy sharing all those things here. No harm. Only smiles. Here are 10 of my favorite things that my dream wardrobe has this summer:

1. A neon yellow dress like this one I found on Pinterest. I love the way it’s been accessorized as well with that tote and chevron pendant.

1 neon dress

2. This watermelon tee I found here: Gormanshop I actually saw one of Masterchef Australia’s contestant wear this and I totally adored it and then I googled it and finally found it. 😀 Yes I watch Masterchef Australia and still can’t cook an egg properly..
3 watermelon tee

3. I love these colorful shoes I saw on abeautifulmess.com The art on these shoes was hand-done on plain white Vans and I love the creativity of the ABM sisters who crafted these. They are perfect for the summer.

4 Colorful shoes

4. I also absolutely love this adorable red and white polka dress that Elsie of abeautifulmess is wearing here. I have had my heart set on this dress but have never found anything like this in the market since the last couple of years. Now I finally think I’ll buy a dress material and get it stitched. Fingers crossed on that one!

5 Red and white polka dress5. I have been considering a change of my spectacle frame and this one I find kinda geeky but cute.

It’s from J. Crew. Very Sartorial.

52949_ED04676. I would love to have a flowy maxi dress like this one I found here at Ilovewildfox

Its so ethereal and something perfect for a romantic beach dinner date.

6 white flowy maxi dress

7. Oh these sandals! I have been after them since sometime too but difficult to find something close to them around. These are from Free People and look so so classy and comfy.

7free people colette vegan sandals

8. Another piece I have long wanted to have in my summer wardrobe and have not been able to find so far is a white full sleeved, collared shirt with an old-fashioned embroidery of roses on the collar. Finally found it here. Now I have asked my mom to make this one for me and she is planning to 🙂

8 collar embroidery 8 white top with rose embroidery

9. Another all time favorite technique of mine, i.e. tie and dye has been incorporated in this absolutely stunning maxi dress from Mango. I love the indigo color too. I think this is one color I need more of in my wardrobe.

9 tie and dye indogo maxi

10. Lastly I love these sun-glasses from Panama that I found here. How could I not have these in my summer-wardrobe list.

They look so cool and yummy!

10 Panama sunglassesHope you liked my list and would love to know if you have one of these lists too and if you do share these “wants” on Pinterest.com please do connect with me here: 

I would love to see what you share and share some with you too. TGIF guys! xo Krati



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