Happy Birthday B**ches!

I am so totally obsessed with this new disco groovy number by Katy Perry called ‘Happy Birthday!’ Well I know it’s not exactly new anymore, it’s been around since quite sometime. But I happened to chance upon the lyric video of the song and found something delicious! I have always found Katy Perry’s music videos extremely creative with lovely art direction. This one is no different. It is a perfect fantasy for a DIYer, foodie & cake lover..and I am sort of a bit of all three.

Firstly I love the idea that now music artists are making an effort to create visually appealing lyric videos unlike how it used to be a couple of years ago with boring lyrics running across the screen. This video has a simple idea running through it which is executed brilliantly. The video features yummy looking cakes, cup cakes and treats being made for whoever it is that Katy Pery is singing the song for. I am hoping they are for me.

For the concept and creation of this video Katy Perry and her creative team collaborated with Duff Goldman, who is considered the Ace of Cakes. Duff owns his own Cakemix Bakery & DIY Decorating Studio in L.A. It is a pretty cool place where you can craft and eat your own cake. Do check it out here: http://duffscakemix.com/

So here are a few stills from the video that I have put together for you to drool over! They are all cakes with the lyrics written out on them in frosting. So get ready to devour!

0 1

 Had to be a kitty cake in Katy Perry’s video. Love the cute kittle kitty’s pendant that says ‘Kitty Purry’ damn cute!

2 3

Love love love this rainbow cake. So pop!

4Macaroons… ❤

5 6

 Want them all!

7 8Disco cake! I want this for my next birthday! 😀

9 10Suit up!

11 12Champagne and Yin-yang cakes ~awesome!

13 14This one is so super creative! Who would have thought of a cake in the shape of a Rubix cube?!

15And in the end of the video Katy Perry is shown lighting up the last candle on the cake. I thought this was a damn cute idea for a video. What do you think?

16 17Apart from all the cakes and treats there’s something else that undoubtedly takes the cake ~ the nail art! I loved it, I googled it and found a tutorial too! For all those girly girls there who may find this useful, have fun!


Signing off with this cover art for the single. Thats Katy Perry (on the right) and her sister (on the left). Love the personal touch to complete the story.

Love you Katy Perry! Have a good day people! xx.

19P.S. Found this funny Katy Perry gif online. Hopefully this should explain the title of this post:

All the photos have been taken from the following links:




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