To Audrey Hepburn ~ With Love

I logged on this morning and saw the google doodle marking Audrey Hepburn’s 85th birthday. Wish she was still alive and I could write to her and tell her how much I have come to admire her beauty, talent and spirit. I may not have disclosed this secret to many people but I actually am a … Continue reading

I Won’t Dance!

If I was let with one wish to be fulfilled it would be to be able to dance like these crazy kids on the road. One of my favorite dance pieces from any movie..this is the one I personally liked the best out of all sequences ever done in Step Up. It jus makes my … Continue reading

I feel like DaNcInG today!

I don’t know what’s it about today that makes me wanna dance! I woke up early today morning (which for me is a rare thing) and reached office an hour early. And since the start of the day I’ve been googling and listening to all the dance no.s I can think of and am totally distracted at … Continue reading