Happy Birthday B**ches!

I am so totally obsessed with this new disco groovy number by Katy Perry called ‘Happy Birthday!’ Well I know it’s not exactly new anymore, it’s been around since quite sometime. But I happened to chance upon the lyric video of the song and found something delicious! I have always found Katy Perry’s music videos … Continue reading

A Madhubani for a wedding gift

I have recently taken to an old hobby that was forgotten along the way of my designing career. Madhubani or Mithila paintings are an Indian folk art form that was originally practiced by housewives and women in rural Bihar. What I always loved about this art was the vibrant colors and patterns involved. Yes I … Continue reading

Let there be Light!

Made these moody curtains with some old lace fabric I had from an old window display I had done few years back and a stole/dupatta that I had bought from a local Thursday market near one of the mosques in my home town. These give me enough diffused light in my work room during the … Continue reading

DIY Mother’s day POP card

Hey all! Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I know many people say how celebrating a Mother’s day or a Father’s day or a Valentine’s day is so pointless and how you don’t need a day to express your love to the ones you love the most but to those cynics I say ~ … Continue reading

Gift a movie!

If you love watching movies and if you have parents who share the same hobby as well then you are going to like what I am about to suggest.  So every time I go home I put together all the movies that I have collected of late and thanks to my husband ALL of them … Continue reading

DIY M-seal Jewelry Bowls

Hey there! These days I am trying my hands on a few DIYs that are easy and utilitarian for my home. One of these things was these jewelry bowls I made the other day with m-seal & paint. Yes M-seal, I’m sure some of you are going ‘that’s what I use to fix my leaking … Continue reading

Valentine’s surprise!

Well I know its been forever that I posted, but for all of you who thought “Well her blogging was just like a phase that’s over” here’s me saying Hey! I am back and hopefully to be more regular this time! 🙂 Well so whats up? Duh! Valentine’s Day is what is up and everywhere … Continue reading