A Mid-summer wardrobe dream

Its mid-way into summer and most places are still warming up and getting hotter, while we here at Bangalore have already started being blessed by the rains! 🙂 By the time you think of buying for your summer wardrobe, you realize its already monsoon! Bangalore is crazy, in a fun way though! no complaints. So … Continue reading

Memoirs of Imphal

I just got back this week from a heart-warming trip to Imphal, a place I have come to call home-away-from-home. I was there for my brother-in-law’s wedding and I loved it that this would be my first Manipuri wedding where I would not be the bride. 🙂 I got to see the whole thing but … Continue reading

#100happydays #Week1

Well I started the #100happydays challenge last weekend and I have been documenting it via instagram. I decided to try and share my progress here at least weekly if not everyday. I have to say, this challenge is sure making me more sensitive to what it is that I really like doing and the things … Continue reading


Well to begin with I have been on a work break since the beginning of this year and to be honest I have loved it thus far. It was a Godsent! I spent a whole month with my family back home, which I had not done in 10 years. I used to only get leaves … Continue reading

Birthday Wishlist :)

So well New Year’s is almost here and so is my Birthday! 🙂 Yeah im not one of those people who like to keep their birthday a secret. I believe I was born on a special day and the whole world celebrates the day every year so why hide! No marks for guessing my birthday … Continue reading