Happy Birthday B**ches!

I am so totally obsessed with this new disco groovy number by Katy Perry called ‘Happy Birthday!’ Well I know it’s not exactly new anymore, it’s been around since quite sometime. But I happened to chance upon the lyric video of the song and found something delicious! I have always found Katy Perry’s music videos … Continue reading

I Won’t Dance!

If I was let with one wish to be fulfilled it would be to be able to dance like these crazy kids on the road. One of my favorite dance pieces from any movie..this is the one I personally liked the best out of all sequences ever done in Step Up. It jus makes my … Continue reading

Like old times..

Seems like old times Having you to walk with Seems like old times Having you to talk with And it’s still a thrill Just to have my arms around you Still the thrill that it was The day I found you Seems like old times Dinner dates and flowers Just like old times Staying up … Continue reading


They say great artists/thinkers/writers of all times have been their creative best under extreme emotions or circumstances. Well I ain’t no artist/thinker or writer but iv just been having a mental block to just start writing something on my blog. And it’s not like I don’t have things to share but it’s just been really busy and crazy the … Continue reading

Bigger than my body

Oh better late than never! I return to where I belong. I not only mean Bangalore I mean my blog. I really have missed being here so much so that I’ve been writing down small notes here n there of the things that I have been wanting to share. It’s funny this blogging business, sometimes … Continue reading

I feel like DaNcInG today!

I don’t know what’s it about today that makes me wanna dance! I woke up early today morning (which for me is a rare thing) and reached office an hour early. And since the start of the day I’ve been googling and listening to all the dance no.s I can think of and am totally distracted at … Continue reading

Florence + The Machine + Fashion

So many times it so happens that there’s been an idea in your mind that you’ve been wanting to put down on paper but you keep delaying it until one day when you see someone else apply it to reality. Why this came up is because I had been admiring the beauty and gracefulness of the … Continue reading

Sweet Candifornia – by Will Cotton

My first post is about the music video that’s been hovering in my mind since I started setting up this blog. It’s the video for “California Gurls” by Katy Perry, a groovy number presented in a gorgeous candy fantasyland to die for! Here’s a link to the video in case you have missed it out: … Continue reading