Drip, Spill, Splatter!

Spring is in full bloom and what better way to greet it than with a splash of color! Bold use of color has been the main talking point for many brands this spring but Anthropologie truly mastered the theme, with the powerful visual impact that they created through their windows. Behold Anthropology’s tribute to Abstract … Continue reading

Wild-Wild West!

Well Western shirts were made trendy by Levi’s and have been a part of both the men’s as well as women’s collections every season and that’s a category we are promoting in womenswear this entire year. So I cooked up some ideas to display these products in our stores and also demonstrate to the customer … Continue reading

Fresh Produce!

Well every year January starts with Sale everywhere. All the stores, every brand.  We all get excited and buy stuff sometimes but then it goes on and on and you get smses and mails and discounts keep changing and prices keep lowering and this continues till you start getting so totally annoyed with it all … Continue reading

4 ~ ka ~ 8

Well though it may sound like a title inspired by the famous Anil Kapoor song 1 2 ka 4, it really has got nothing to do with it. 🙂 What its got to do with however is creating many different looks out of what you have in your closet. I came up with this idea a while back … Continue reading

Head-to-toe & Ready-to-wear !

With the winter season in full swing, I realized it was time to create some interesting layered looks at the Levi’s stores. This is also an opportunity to mix product categories and create complete head-to-toe looks and promote our accessories like bags, belt, caps and shoes. This pulls in customers to buy more products together as a set. … Continue reading

A Stole could be a Style Statement

Being a visual merchandiser, I am always trying to find new and interesting ways of displaying and promoting product. A big area of concern when it comes to display at the stores is that no matter how a garment has been conceptualized to be worn, the front-end store staff has little or no knowledge of … Continue reading

Love Over Dose

So after a long inactive period after my first post on my blog I decided to finally make the blog active. So long iv just been scared to write, lazy to start and doubtful about how this may end up but finally after much hesitation I decided to just stop excuses and just start!  Well, so just today while browsing through … Continue reading